Saturday, January 19, 2008

Outlander of the Day ~ Ted Sampley

Ted Sampley is pictured over to the left in the middle. He's fussing with a protester at Walter Reed some years back. I personally don't think it poor form to be at a place such as this to show a form of support for the troops by questioning Bu$hCo policies yet I digress. He's been back in the news going after St. John McCain. I'm pleased McCain is fighting back. If only he'd done that against the dirty tricks of Bu$hCo's Karl Rove back in 2000 then perhaps we could have avoided the Reign of Error.

J.C. Christian gave me the heads up on Sampley. He's a "professional veteran" and potter. SourceWatch serves up more. Some odd products and downright racist images indeed appear via his website yet I'll avoid a link. Some years back Sampley even went after Daddy Bu$h? Better look out Ted given what happened to Saddam after he offended Dubyah by his half-baked threats to kill Bu$h the Elder. P/W

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