Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heck of a job Bu$hie with that diplomacy thing

Even third century cults like the Manicheans can apparently be insulted with their alleged role in the Bu$h brain. Professor Daniel W. Drezner, a libertarian Republican according to his own blog, appears in Newsweek with Projecting Power: The competitive race for president may help repair the damage to America's image abroad, even before George Bush leaves office. I'm not sure I'll accept all he suggests about the race but I like the following:
It's a truism among foreign policy wonks that during the Bush administration America has seen an erosion of its ability to persuade other countries to do what it wants them to do. The unilateralism, the blunders in the Middle East, and the Manichean view of the rest of the world have been so off-putting that, as poll after poll shows, the attitudes of people in other countries toward the United States have declined precipitously.

I suppose that sums up much as to this very worst administration. Also, I couldn't help but note the recent resignation of one of Bu$hCo's top diplomats involved in Iran. I found the following comment in a Pakistan source regarding the resignation of Bu$hCo's #3 State Department official Nicholas Burns:
With 26 years of experience with both Republican and Democratic administrations, Mr Burns will be an asset for a private firm. Staying out of the Bush administration for an entire year will also make him more acceptable to the new administration.
Looks like the Pakistanis have figured it out that it is all about the Benjamins. Is Disaster Capitalism at work here given Mr. Burns' bio? P/W

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