Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Highlander of the Day ~ Rachel Maddow

A tip of the tam is due Rachel Maddow for calling Tweety out right there on MSNBC. I suppose this and this might be the "they" blaming Chris Matthews yet the Crazy Uncle post might also be relevant. Tweety is becoming a total loon and I've essentially grown unable to stomach watching him. Rachel's work is being noticed more and more. She's a true talent on the left. P/W
UPDATE - 2132 ... This SusanUnPC post on Larry Johnson's No Quarter also takes a look at Amanda Marcotte's reaction to John Edwards' campaigning (and campaigning is I think the right word) by raising strength and all that sort of stuff. He's in a fight and I'll cut him some slack. I hear what Amanda is saying but I'm hardly leaving the Edwards camp even if he was being somewhat sexist. He's heading South and West and needs a win. His record and positions are too strong to not give him a break I'd argue. I also was touched by Ms. Clinton's emotions and intelligence. She's been my second choice of the current candidates and this "emotional moment" makes that even more certain.
UPDATE - January 10, 2007 - Froma Harrop's comments in the Anniston Star adds to my understanding of the above.

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