Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fumbling Fob's son Tim James to run for Governor of Alabama in 2010

There's Fumbling Fob James right there to the left. As an aside, my father played football for Fob's father down in the Valley before getting old enough to do his part in WWII. I also recall back in sixth grade debating on behalf of Bill Baxley when he and Fob squared off. Fob of course went on to win and I've been bitter ever since. I also recall bumper stickers reminding us of Fob's last day in office during his first term.

Fob was back in the saddle in 1994, finally able to admit he was a Republican. Fob was a total nut job. Chain gangs, picking fights with civil libertarians, threatening to call out the National Guard to defend Roy Moore's Ten Commandments, ... Fob's bride Bobbie was likewise geared oddly. When you come across as extreme in Alabama for your "Christianity" you know you're extreme.

Apparently young Tim is going after the Roy Moore vote come 2010. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree also in Tim's hostility to teachers. He thinks adding 20% to the Education Trust Fund wouldn't make a difference in test scores. I'll avoid going after the idea that test scores measure learning. So having the ability to cut class sizes wouldn't influence results? His plan for controlling government by cutting off the money shows how he's bent. Again, how can a person get elected to make government work when they think government is the problem? P/W

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