Saturday, January 05, 2008

Creationism Billboard - In Oregon or Alabama?

Spending five days and 3200 miles with Raoul (my trusty little green Honda CRV) might have had me hallucinating. Wrong! Right there on I-5 in Oregon I saw I think at least two of these billboards. I thought I was back "home" for a moment. I suppose up in Minnetonka, Minnesota they figure folks in Alabama are already true believers? I jotted this discovery down in my notebook so as to not forget to post yet Chris McGowan got a post up on HuffPo some weeks back that pretty much covers what I wanted to say.

I'll add that I heard just this morning some neat coverage on a local NPR station (out of the Soviet of Seattle I reckon) where across the pond they are surely noting that Mike Huckabee is all about Adam and Eve. This Independent piece from David Usborne on "Mr. Nice Guy" is worthy of a look even if it might not be the exact coverage referenced on the NPR program.

After Dubyah I'm sure pretty much every responsible citizen of the world is indeed following our election closely. Going with the most fundamentalist seems like hardly the ideal. P/W

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