Saturday, January 26, 2008

Outlander of the Day ~ "Pastor" Rod Parsley

This morning I heard Sarah Posner on Bob Edwards talking of her new work God's Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters. As she explained the many outrages of "prosperity gospel" preachers getting the "first fruits" of often poor and/or ignorant folks so that these hucksters can live high on the hog, she mentioned Paul Crouch and his Trinity Broadcasting Network. A portion of Ms. Posner's book may be read here. Also, Max Blumenthal can bring you up to speed on Mr. Crouch rather quickly. Despite allegation of homosexual sex and fleecing the flock, Ms. Posner indicated Paul and Jan Crouch are still living large.

Sarah might have mentioned Rod Parsley of World Covenant Church up in Columbus, Ohio yet I knew of this outlander already. A mega-church indeed yet Parsley also has his Breakthrough effort broadcast across the globe via TBN and other outlets. Jews on First can tell us plenty about Parsley and other "ministers" up in Ohio. "Pastor" Russell Johnson's Ohio Reformation Project for instance is noted for his support of Bu$hCo and general radicalism. But for Ohio, where Ohio's Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell helped seal the deal, we'd have long ago returned Dubyah to the "ranch".

Perhaps we sgould just ignore operators like Parsley and others on the right yet I feel joining issue with them is defensible. If Progressives hope to restore balance and hope to this nation and beyond they've got to go after false prophets I'd argue. Thoughts? P/W

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