Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bama Democrats - Build it and they will come!

Former Bama SOS Nancy Worley is clearly back in the saddle for the Alabama Democratic Party with her comments as "vice chairwomen" quoted in reporting from Challen Stephens of the Huntsville Times that neither the Democrats or the GOP need to expect any visits from Presidential wannabes this spring. Speaking of vice and Nancy, has Prince Troy given up on his efforts to get her charges reinstated? Not the sharpest move, among many, for Nancy yet hardly violating of the statute.

Nancy Worley of course simply squandered her initially promising efforts at SOS which gave bombastic Beth Chapman (not Dog the Bounty Hunter's spouse for those that might follow popular culture more than politics) an opening in her climb up the state GOP ladder. Her being over SOS can only lead to ruin! Beth's a princess of pandering with her infamous speech or a true "true believer". That Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III pays her tribute for a flag day version of Beth's speechifying says enough for me. She's a Christian comedian and motivation speaker that really ought to make that her full time gig. This soldier surely doesn't need her talking on my behalf.

For the record I'm not sure Joe Turnham and the other powers that be in the party made the right call on letting Nancy be a visible part of the team yet Joe's hardly been ideal in language let alone leadership. I also notice this morning that Joe "What's in it for me?" Reed is differing with Arthur Davis as well on the Obama possibilities yet I digress. Nancy, like so much of the Alabama Democratic party, is part of the not so pretty past. Throw in the racial angles of politics in Alabama and factionalism and ... we've got a long row to hoe. And we need some new folks doing the farming.

The bottom line for me is that grassroots building of a Progressive Alabama Democratic Party will be rewarded by politicians of a similar view. That's Grassroots 101. Trying to be Republican Lite isn't going to get us anywhere with the voters in Alabama or retail national politicians of the sort that are being referenced in the article. However, good politicians of the type we need at the national level can and will take care of state and local leaders/activists that do good movement work. Build it and they will come. P/W

UPDATE - January 6, 2007 - Captain Checkered's comment helped me see one apparent flaw in the above. Nancy Worley still has misdemeanor charges out there I believe and the way I wrote the post sugests the whole case is dead. Those misdemeanor cases could proceed I suppose yet I'm thinking Troy King wants to hold off on to try to get the felony cases back on the table.

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