Friday, January 25, 2008

Davos Men ~ Let the blames begin!

As to the recent meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Davos Men were likely feeling rather shaken given the economic picture in the U.S. and beyond. Julian Glover's piece in The Guardian seemed to sum up much about Davos. Iraq and Iran and ... likely also cast a pale over over the events. Homo Balcanicus is still out there after all. I'm sure however that the swells soldiered on in many respects.

Bill Gates wants to make capitalism creative. Declan McCullagh of CNet doesn't approve. Larry Elliot of The Guardian labels George Soros the "Poacher turned Gameskeeper" for his work and thoughts. Bono and Al Gore made the scene. The UK's PM Gordon Brown laments that there has not been enough globalization.

This intersection of politics and capital which represents pure unadulterated power is representative of the modern world. Davos Man might be needing to lay low or at least go on the down low by pretending to give a damn. As for when or if he'll be back, I'd not bet against the house. P/W

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