Sunday, January 20, 2008

John Edwards Very Worst Weekend

Nevada let John Edwards down this weekend. He'd been out front for Labor long before this caucus period and I expected him to gather more support. John better hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Thinking is that South Carolina will be his last stand and it will be a shame if he drops out this early. Also, Senator Fiengold is correct in pointing out that John is running on the voting record that Russ has demonstrated but that when John was in the Senate he didn't vote that way.

If only we had RDF as a candidate. Backbone and then some! I worry that he, like John Edwards, might not get a fair shake from the media in their fixation on HRC vs BHO yet Russ and his staff would be savvy enough to run a smart and assertive campaign. Russ would have had some serious grassroots support and by jingoes we'd have made a full out effort. He'll get his shot I hope one day and in the meanwhile our nation is lucky to have him in DC.

I'll lean to Hillary I suppose if John Edwards folds but perhaps Dennis Kucinich could actually earn my support. His bride is a Brit yet she's lovely and a class act with her work in peace and justice. The campaign website has a "take the test" tool that is clever. Obama will certainly do yet both he and Hillary are far too centrist for my taste. Either should be able to beat St. John or Multiple Choice Mitt or the Huckster or ... yet I know the GOP is far better at running a campaign than a country. P/W

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