Saturday, January 12, 2008

Outlander of the Day ~ Phyllis Schlafly

I'll not hand a tip of the tam to the B'ham News for scolding JeffCo's Commissioners for handing Eagle Forum 15K as they say no non-profit with a political agenda can provide educational services. That seems to be painting with too broad a brush to suit me. However, they do point out the bizarre beliefs of folks like Miss Phyllis and her Eagle Forum.

I recall way back in the early eighties listening to Schlafly and other wingnuts when I lived with a sister in South Alabama where "christian conservative" radio had gained an early foothold. Even as a mere pup I was uncomfortable with their "morality" yet Phyllis seemed especially extreme.

I'd missed her response to the Virginia Tech massacres where she asked "why taxpayers are paying professors at Virginia Tech to teach worthless and psychologically destructive courses" as she went after Nikki Giovanni and other academics toiling at VT. University is about stretching minds you twit! And taking this tragedy to spin out your anti-modernity views seems like especially poor form. Then again, it's "movement conservatism" so they are always on offense.

I also found it ironic that Phyllis is going after the World Trade Organization when I opened up Eagle Forum today when reactionaries and operatives like her have managed to keep the GOP in power for so long. The corporatists have kept their folks in DC and many states by letting you and yours rally the base around various distractions like same sex marriage and abortion and ... Y'all are in no position to complain now Phyllis.

I located this useful examination of Phyllis Schlafly by Abby Scher in the context of a review of Donald T. Critchlow's Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism: A Woman's Crusade. If time and circumstances would ever allow I'd enjoy reading this work as I expect there's plenty to learn. P/W

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