Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One More Bible Thumping Nutjob in McCain Camp

Team McCain continues to do what they think it will take to win. I'd taken note in this post of St. John seeking out and then accepting the support of Texas televangelist John Hagee. David Corn appears on Mother Jones to tell us that St. John campaigned in Ohio with Rod Parsley. I've mentioned Pastor Parsley, and that's who you see over to the left, before and the links in that post are worth following I'd hope.

Yet, I didn't know about Parsley's Silent No More. Note that prior link sent you to WorldNutDaily and allows you to see rooting Rod gets from Walter Jones, Kenneth Blackwell, and last but certainly not least Ted Haggard. His apparent call to arms to eradicate Islam in that book is just part of what offends me about this operator.

So what will St. John do with this loon? Buring his 2000 presidential bid, he referred to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as "agents of intolerance". I'd think Hagee and Parsley surely fit that description. We'll be waiting Senator McCain. John Gunn

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