Sunday, March 02, 2008

Economy ~ James Carville calls BS on his bride

Amanda at Think Progress posts on Mary Matalin's effort to blame the media for economic insecurity amongst the American people. We know "blame the messenger" is a standard GOP tactic in areas ranging from Iraq to Bu$hCo's low approval ratings to ... As for today's claim, James Carville even responded to Proud Mary. I've always appreciated the Raging Cajun and even watched The War Room recently where I enjoyed his antics and talent. Not that he's without faults of course yet overall I'm glad Carville's often on my side of the issues. I can't imagine how these two make their marriage work yet kudos if they are able. Still, I expect James can't help but enjoy stirring up the wife given her weak, weak efforts at propping up the GOP and especially Bu$hCo in these last few years. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ 1630ish on March 2, 2008 - Nancy Cleeland of The Nation gives us The Incredible Shrinking Paycheck to also help counter Mary Matalin's BS on the economy.

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