Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coverage of Cheryl Sabel's support of "A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq"

Jill Nolin of the Montgomery Advertiser dares to do some reporting and serves up Congressional hopeful backs end of Iraq war. The piece provides a link to and she gave Cheryl a chance to even talk about the plan. I've yet to see many of the other papers in South Alabama or the Wiregrass cover the plan so this is a positive. I did, however, note an Editorial in The Dothan Eagle this Friday that was titled Our view: No cause for celebration that might suggest the powers that be there would be sympathetic to Cheryl's responsible and Progressive campaign. Reckon what Bobby Bright thinks of the plan? John Gunn

UPDATE ~ I noticed Cheryl and Bobby have another Democratic candidate in the race and again it is Jill Nolin delivering. William Boyd "does not support abortion. 'If you're a Christian and you believe in the word, then the word pretty much speaks for itself,' he said." Huh? He's ran against Bobby Bright before. That Montgomery Mayor's race saw Bright get 22,932 votes to Boyd's 720.

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