Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mr. Blast, Reckon we can fit nineteen in there?

Hell, I actually don't care if there were 19 or "more than 200" "scientists" as claimed by Heartland's President and conference organizer Joseph L. Blast at Heartland Institute's recent 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. Perhaps the 19 "scientists" willing to be photographed were just those that thought they were handsome or lovely? Maybe they had more elected officials there given their enticements? I do, however, like the idea that if you had a convention of actual scientists that don't accept that we have a problem with climate change it could be held in a phone booth. That's actually a good analogy. And I'm not ready to side with those in the phone booth. Let's do something dammit!

Praising George Will and other enablers while blasting Al Gore and the many, many on the "we're in a mess" side of the "debate" seems to be the theme of the conference. Heartland is what we'd expect I suppose. Note the contrast of their rhetoric with merely an AP/MSNBC piece on northern Europe's warm winter where the reporter writes, "Experts are careful not to blame global warming, noting that a warm winter could be followed by a cold one."

Finally, check out the World Nut Daily coverage titled Scientists meet in NYC to challenge Gore, U.N.Hundreds of experts assert 'alarmists' in climate debate 'have had their say'. There's also Newsbusters and ... Argh! For an alternative try Miles Grant at Grist. John Gunn

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