Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Please don't be a Bu$h Dog Democrat Silvestre

Representative Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) heads the House Intelligence Committee. Let us not forget his inauspicious start at that post. I understand that Jane Harman might have been even more inclined to accept Bushit (with her Third Way credentials for example) but wasn't there another alternative Nancy? At least Representative Harman is generally on the ball. I'd have liked to see her resist Bu$hCo more assertively plus her AIPAC ties and ... hardly please me.

Representative/Chairman Reyes is poised to commit an even bigger goof if he lets telecom immunity through. AP/MSNBC gives us the latest. On Daily Kos, smintheus asked "Has Bush already indemnified the telecoms?" Reckon Representative Reyes has thought to ask? I'm with plenty of others in the lefty blogosphere that figure telecom immunity is more about they, and especially Bu$hCo, avoiding the generally broad discovery available to Plaintiffs in civil trials than protecting the actual service providers. But the bottom line is that the eavesdropping legislation, which I'm certainly nervous about on its own merits, can proceed without being coupled with telecom immunity.

If you want to "protect America" then lets start with saving the 1st Amendment. Call your Representative please. The ACLU's tool and suggestions is here should you need it. John Gunn

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