Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did St. John McCain get "quid pro quo" from Alabama Governor Bob Riley?

Sunday's Montgomery Independent had a piece from Bob Martin on The John McCain/Bob Riley two step that is worth visiting. He informs us of an email from Black Jack Abramoff to Michael Scanlon on Monday December 09, 2002 11:58 AM that is rather revealing. By the way, will we ever get those White House logs? I'm rather certain I've posted on this (or at least the connection before) yet I'm in a rush tonight. I'll move along and perhaps revisit the post later. The guts of Mr. Martin's piece are as follows:

The quote above is a part of a Jack Abramoff e-mail that was uncovered by a Freedom of Information request from news organizations after it was suppressed by Sen. John McCain from the report on Abramoff and Scanlon's scam called "GimmeFive" that was aimed at ripping off Indian tribes. Both are now serving time. McCain also subsequently refused to make the email public after the report was released. Scanlon was an aide to Gov. Riley when he was in Congress.
This seems to merit some further reporting and some hard questions for certainly St. John and also Bob Riley. I'll not hold my breath. If St. John in fact "lost" this email then I'd like to know the how and why. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Evening of March 20, 2008 - This old post from Captain Bama might be what I was thinking of as far as early efforts on the Riley-McCain quid pro quo? There are links within to other posts that try to cover the issue. Again, some questions remain but I doubt they'll be asked of either Governor Riley or John "Free Ride" McCain.

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