Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Any flip flops for St. John "The Maverick" McCain?

Reckon St. John McCain will be labeled a "flip flopper"? After my team's war hero got that treatment in 2004 I suppose it would be fair. Via the NYT, Elisabeth Bumiller, with a little help from Michael Cooper and Kitty Bennett, reports On Signature Issues, McCain Has Shown Some Inconsistencies in the Senate. Writing that his positions have "meandered over the years" is actually rather kind. How St. John can now praise the Bu$hCo "tax cuts" for the Big Mules is perhaps the best example (What happened to “I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us, at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief.” Senator?) yet there are also his flip flops on immigration/border security, torture, ... John Gunn

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