Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Andrea Mitchell to get her own hour at MSNBC

I posted on Tucker Carlson being put out to pasture somewhat with MSNBC yesterday yet I missed that Andrea Mitchell is getting her own hour. Her marriage to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan ought to make for some interesting opportunities given his role in the housing bubble and the deficit and the ... There's so much relevant for this election that the hubby was part of that I can't imagine how she'll handle with a straight face. (There's a joke here given her abundant "work".)

Seriously, The Maestro had to know the consequences of propping up Bu$hCo on his bizarre efforts to cut taxes for the fat cats at that point in time. It was so clear the surplus was going bye-bye even then. That war was looming makes it even more so. Truly, his battle against inflation consumed so much of his focus yet that can't explain how he whored for Bu$hCo's tax cut. He faded at the end maybe?

I'm reading Professor Paul Krugman's The Unraveling: Losing our way in the New Century presently and it's amazing. There's plenty he has to offer up on the finale of Mr. Greenspan. I can't wait to read what Dr. Krugman thinks of the Fed's $200 billion investment bank welfare plan. The WaPo's Steven Pearlstein will do for now. John Gunn

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