Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bu$hCo's DOE Secretary Spellings Heads North

Department of Education Secretary Margaret Spellings was in Alabama recently shilling for Bu$hCo and likely making sure the GOP was being well served. She's apparently going strong even way up north in Minnesota. Paul Kiel of TPM Muckraker reports Miss Margaret went all the way to Minnesota to announce a proposed pilot program for just ten states that will perhaps give them some relief from the dreadful No Child Left Behind mess her boss had saddled schools with.

Remarkably, Minnesota isn't even one of the ten states involved! It gets better. "None of Minnesota's Democratic lawmakers were invited to the event" yet Norm Coleman, right in the middle of a touch campaign to hold his Senate seat, was there on the dais with her. Miss Margaret was in the past willing to talk up Dubyah's, or actually movement conservatives', voucher foolishness even when her own DOE's research said it was of no real consequence so doing a little politics can't be too much to expect. (Margaret even had the DOE hide that same research that went against the voucher vouchers by the way!)

It would appear that the White House Office of Political Affairs (Can the acronym really be WHOPA?) is the only part of this administration that can do anything right. John Gunn

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