Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lame photos soon coming to my lame blog

Why now is an especially proper time to buy a camera will be revealed soon yet I've been wanting one for a while. This tiny Sony DSC-W55 will be my very first digital. Eventually I'd like to get a digital version of something like the Canon EOS Elan IIe 35mm SLR that some jackass stole from me back in 2001 but I'm optimistic this little gem will serve me well. I've bought a Lowepro case for traveling about town and a ACU padded pouch that is woven onto my body armor. While I'll likely never be able to share such top drawer photos, or writing for that matter, that Glynn Wilson routinely does, his latest Ospreys Mating in Broad Daylight being simply amazing, I'll do what I'm able. John Gunn

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