Monday, March 10, 2008

Tucker Carlson Benched on MSNBC Primetime

MSNBC finally gives up on Tucker Carlson's Tucker. He will be replaced by David Gregory doing some political horserace thing entitled appropriately enough “Race for the White House”. I've posted on poor Tucker here and here yet at times I've found him tolerable. Both of the prior links reference Tucker acting like a spoiled no-it-all yet his routine was authentic at least. News Corpse gets rather clever in examining his blue bloodedness where they write:
It all started in a little mansion in San Francisco where the spawn of Republican ambassador and public broadcasting chief Richard Warner Carlson, and TV dinner princess Patricia Caroline Swanson, was ingloriously hatched. Thirty-eight years later it all comes screeching to a halt. Well, it actually just sort of peeters out, but that doesn’t sound quite as dramatic.
Tucker will hardly starve in that he has enough talent and connections where I'm sure he'll do fine. I doubt that dancing will be part of his future although he was a good sport about that part of his effort to boost his dreadful ratings.

I'd argue that the way MSNBC is chasing the audience share says much about the modern corporate media. I posted on both the horserace coverage plus the soap opera nature of this Presidential campaign recently. David Gregory has shown some backbone at times in dealing with Bu$hCo so this is likely a positive but I'm still troubled in general by the usual corporate coverage. I also watched the 1976 classic Network just the other night. Some serious talent in that film! I think Howard Beale had it rather right when he claimed it was "all bullshit". There are rare moments when we get some policy and politics but it is mostly infotainment about the politicians. John Gunn

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