Saturday, March 29, 2008

"First Europeans" arrival a million plus years ago

James Owen of National Geographic News shares "First European" Confirmed to Be 1.2 Million Years Old. James Randerson, science correspondent for The Guardian, delivers additional coverage via Fossil find could be Europe's first humans that features a nice reconstruction of what "Homo antecessor, or pioneer man, a possible ancestor of both our own species and Neanderthals" might have looked like. Newsweek's The First Europeans by Sharon Begley is also worth a visit for reminding us "The oldest known hominid fossils in Eurasia were found in Dmanisi, Georgia, and have been dated at 1.8 million years." I wonder how my son's former "science teacher" or BC Tours would handle this? I bet they'd use the "test of faith" and/or "Noah's flood mixed up the layers" approach. Any other ideas? John Gunn

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