Monday, March 24, 2008

A new gig for son's former science teacher and ...

I'm a little ways into Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design by Michael Shermer and so far so good. I recently got some attention back "home" from a post relating climate change and the Southern Baptist Convention. I added some dictum about a former "teacher" of my boy exposing, and at least for the time being winning him over I regret to admit, him to "young earth creationism" even though he's in a public school. I've found her a better way for her to walk her walk.

ABC's Brian Rooney and Melia Patria provide Because the Bible Tells Me So?: During Private Museum Tours, Denver Children Learn About Creationism. They don't link to BC Tours but I will. There is also a video clip from Nightline that runs about eight minutes. Seeing those children being led about that museum will likely haunt me for some time. "T-Rex was vegetarian because at the time of the Creation, there was no such thing as death, so a T-Rex could not have eaten meat." is just one example of what Bill Jack and Rusty Carter are telling these poor kids and their true believer parents. They seem like such normal, nice people and yet they are apparently bent.

My suggestion for this "teacher" back "home" and any others of her faithfulness, certainly those that are on the public teat, would be to start up something like this. Capitalism solves everything doesn't it? She can drive up to McWane in B'ham and do her thing there. Bill and Rusty are even prepared to teach her how their system works it would appear. John Gunn

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