Monday, March 31, 2008

John Kyl and George Will play defense with offense

Not the the Huggy Bear embrace of Arizona's Senior Senator of course yet Arizona's Junior Senator John Kyl loves him some Bu$hCo as well. Kyl is actually more of the movement conservative set than St. John has ever been, at least until these last few months when he's become John McSame.

Blue Texan via FireDogLake posts George Will And Jon Kyl Blame Housing Crisis On “Marginal”, “Poor”, “Minorities” — And Of Course, Democrats where they might have given the DFHs a lesson on how to handle situations where one would normally think hunkering down for the storm might be wise. In the comments Spacefish notes that Neil Boortz was using this theme recently and suggests the talking points are making the rounds.

I guess Alfonzo Jackson didn't them with this noted in Pete Yost's reporting:
Asked about the problems with subprime mortgages last June, Jackson insisted that many such borrowers were not unsophisticated, low-income people but what he called "Yuppies, Buppies and Guppies" — well-educated, young, black and gay upwardly mobile achievers — with expensive cars who bought $400,000 homes with little or no money down.
Ruh Roh! The "unwashed masses" aren't to blame? Thanks goodness Alphonso got in a lick on the black folks and the homos. All right wingers know it couldn't be the corporations and conservatism.

John Kyl, and Huckleberry Graham, is of course rather infamous for lying in an amicus brief to the Supremes. He was willing to mislead the Supreme Court on an “extensive colloquy” that never occurred so reckon he'll be willing to lie to George Stephanopoulos and the American public?

As to George Will, he actually made me lie once. George Will knows little about working in education yet he's perfectly content and able to advance conservatism, driving me to parenthetical pursuit of his wrongness. In early February George Will was talking up the rhythms of the modern economy telling his readers that market corrections were "constructive".

The bottom line for this post is that many pols and pundits on the right seldom if ever give an inch. I'll openly accept both parties have responsibility for the deregulation debacle yet I think Dubyah was doing as much to push the "ownership" society theme as anyone. With Alan Greenspan propping Bu$hCo up so that Americans wouldn't feel as pinched the die was cast. The idea that Democrats have had much if any power these years is flawed as well. But any of this stop these two? Nope, they pushed on with the frames that they and theirs respond to. And it keeps on working. It's time to give them a dose of their own medicine. John Gunn

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