Thursday, March 13, 2008

A chance to replace Bud "Bush Dog" Cramer

Bud Cramer is not seeking re-election in Alabama's 5th Congressional District. Given his support of Bu$hCo on matters like tax cuts for the fatcats and a fair number of other positions, I'm rather glad he's riding off into the sunset. Alabama's 5th might very well be a tough one to hold but I'd almost rather have a Republican up there than a "Bu$h Dog" like Bud. He might have started as a Democrat yet he's surely faded over the years.

I'll settle for a DINO at times but if Alabama will ever shift from the dark side it might begin up in North Alabama. What I'll hope for in a candidate is a common sense scrapper that will stand up for Progressive values and respond to GOP foolishness with no holds barred. I remain convinced that smart, savvy, and spirited Progressives can win in almost every locale.

If Bud didn't tip off somebody on my team that he was walking then a pox on both his houses. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ It looks like Artur Davis didn't know Bud was taking it to the house. Also, if Mike Hubbard has praise for Bud that says much about why losing him doesn't exactly devastate me. "Working across the aisle" means you voted the GOP's way it often seems in these Bu$hCo years.

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