Friday, March 21, 2008

David Neiwert on "The Media's Race Problem"

The image to the left is from the New Back Panther Party. In case you don't care to go to their own website, I'll turn to World Nut Daily to let those reasonable souls educate you why that matters as to Senator Obama's Presidential Campaign. There's also Faux News and other far right wing blogs to turn to to learn how to decide. The Southern Poverty Law Center can actually educate you on the NBBP in case that actually interests you.

The Media’s Race Problem by David Neiwert appears at FireDogLake and his own Ornicus. David has long been a voice I've valued.

But who will educate the media? David writes:
Their entire preoccupation, indeed, was with how Wright's remarks might discomfit whites -- while never examining the deeper questions of whether white complacence about race might be something worth challenging, as well as their own roles in failing to make that challenge. ... These are uncomfortable truths, of course, but they are also truths. And the media have as much a role in the failure of white Americans to honestly and forthrightly confront them.
Amen! Certainly I'm no fan of groups like the NBPP. But neither is Senator Obama. John Gunn

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