Monday, March 24, 2008

B'ham News ~ Alabama needs DNA testing reform

The Birmingham News gets it right with Alabama is one of only a handful of states without a law to help wrongly convicted people get access to DNA testing. Our Legislature should change that. That they scolded Governor Riley is also noted. They've done this at least once before as to the case of Tommy Arthur so there's a trend here. In this latest, they wrote:
In the case of Death Row inmate Thomas Arthur, for instance, Riley has seemed to run through a series of excuses not to order DNA testing - none of which hold up to close scrutiny.
That's kind actually as merely routine scrutiny isn't required to see that our Governor is playing politics (I'm tough on crime!) with a man's life. What ought to be an easy decision as to Tommy Arthur is apparently too much to ask of Bob Riley. John Gunn

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