Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will Phil Gramm's deregulation debacles, crony capitalism, and ... affect St. John McCain?

Politico's Lisa Lerer gives us McCain guru linked to subprime crisis but she also shares his cashing in with UBS. She covers his work with St. John to defeat Clinton's health care plan back in the early 1990s. She doesn't mention his and especially Mrs. Gramm's involvement with Enron. I can recall getting furious with then Senator Gramm about something he said on economics way back in the day. I recall it was something that a kid in high school economics would have known was flawed yet this Ph.D. holder was pandering to the right wing free market Friedmanites. Phil was also an ornery cuss when he was a Senator to boot. It's bad enough to look at Huggy Bear's War Cabinet yet his economics team may be just as flawed. John Gunn

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