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Barack Hussein Obama ~ With that name I'd ....

To the left you'll see Barack Obama from a few years back wearing supposedly what a Somali elder might wear. Obama's natural father is of Kenyan ancestry and my understanding is the photo was snapped when Senator Obama had visited his father's homeland. I guess it might be like John McCain in a kilt if in fact he's at least partly a Scot. That might explain the temper! The image's recent appearance was somewhat of a scandal, especially if from the Clinton campaign. I'm not sure they did leak it from what little digging I've done. That the image wound up on Matt "America's Assignment Editor" Drudge's site surprises me not.

As a brief aside, I still think Glenn Greenwald is where you start to understand the Drudgester yet Greg Sargent also provides some insights into the admission of L.A. Times staff writer Joel Sappell on how the average "journalists" prays for some linky love from Drudge.

As for the photo, and beyond, which I'll get to in a bit, I'll expect far worse come this summer and fall if Obama is on the ticket. Dirty dealing is part of the way much of the the modern GOP approaches politics.

In the meantime, I had another conversation with folks about Obama's faith, middle name, etc. I've posted on this before and there's not much to add. On the other side of the fence, actually I'd hope the planet, there's Gordon's Bishop's "intelligence alternative" from here and Debbie Schlussel's "unique expertise on radical Islam/Islamic terrorism" here and cao on Stop the ACLU (don't you love their slogan "Beating Them With Their Own Sickle And Hammer") citing Free Republic no less, putting out "Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad" here and ...

Finally, Might Righty (some interesting thumbnails here) is claiming "Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam" here yet Christian Worldview Network uses the same title here (although you'll not see the same thumbnails .. wonder if they'd approve of the scantily clad brunette?). It appears this "Confirmed" theme originated over at David Horowitz' FrontPage Magazine via Daniel Pipes. (MoJo's Michael Scherer looked at Mr. Pipes back in 2003 and Right Wing Watch has more material here.) Even after Mr. Pipes was pretty much ridiculed by relatively reliable outlets for his wanderings around the questions of Obama's faith, he's sticking to his guns and supplying a dangerous title to the wingnuts. This almost looks like a "Whisper Campaign" of sorts to me.

As for at least some the allegations ... Good Grief! So Little Barack Jr. was under the age of ten years old at the time he was in Indonesia doing all this Muslimizing? Also, in the mid to late sixties was Indonesia experiencing anything close to radicalism? Argh

In my conversations with some rather right leaning colleagues over the issue I pointed out that I thought it is actually a positive that Barack Obama is multi-racial and had been exposed to so much diversity. I told them I was not yet an enthusiastic supporter, and neither do I so support Hillary for the record, and explained some of my thinking but that I'd surely support his candidacy if he earned the nomination. I explained as best as I could what I understood the facts were yet I was hardly optimistic I'd convinced them.

And that's OK. If Progressives can just do our best to get alternatives to the whispers out there then perhaps some truth will set in. Take the long view. Also, I sort of like the opportunity we get to engage in some jujitsu politics. Let some of these lightweights on the right start slinging this sort of foolishness to their masses and we'll use that opportunity to talk about the right wing movement conservative networks. We'd likely not get that many votes of those in deep Jesusland and yet perhaps a few can come our way. Focus on the swing states and the close Congressional races as far as the work and the money but always "Bloom where your planted!" as you take on distractions and downright lies of the conservative message machine.

I come in this morning and find Warren P. Strobel work on McClatchy Newspapers titled Obama's foreign policy likely to be pragmatic, inclusive. Mr. Strobel writes:

... If he's elected president, Barack Obama promises to bring a new tone and more inclusive approach to American foreign policy, reaching out to adversaries and giving greater weight to the views of U.S. allies.

Obama (would) travel to a major Islamic forum to give a speech redefining the struggle against terrorism, making it clear that it isn't a crusade against Islam. ...

After The Reign of Error of Bu$hCo, wouldn't the chance to start somewhat fresh out there in the international community with a man such as Obama be a sweet opportunity? Reckon some from that troubled region that remain on the fence or presently unable or unwilling to meet us halfway might respond better to fellow like Barack Hussein Obama? John Gunn

UPDATE ~ May 9, 2008 - McClatchy's Matt Stearns tracks down at least one source of the rumors. A former CIA operator and his "Crusaders" have been doing the false flag thing.

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