Saturday, March 01, 2008

How would have covered the case of Wisconsin's Georgia Thompson?

U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic up north in Milwaukee is pictured to the left. Reckon the B'ham News and Mobile Press-Register would have defended him as fiercely as they've done for his counterparts down here in Alabama on their prosecution of Don Siegelman.

First of all, understanding Georgia Thompson's reversal and immediate release in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is required reading. Jeralyn can help get you started. Adam Cohen of the NYT also reports on this strangely similar case of Wisconsin state bureaucrat Georgia Thompson with his A Woman Wrongly Convicted and a U.S. Attorney Who Kept His Job. TPM Muckraker, a great place to understand the political work done by at least part of the Bu$hCo DOJ, shows that "How in the heck did this case get brought?" surely does apply. Didn't a jury convict Ms. Thompson? Wasn't her case brought by career prosecutors? C'mon ... aren't there some parallels here?

Finally, I can't help but note via TPM Muckraker that Monica Goodling, former White House Liason to DOJ, is marrying Mike Krempasky of RedState and ... fame. Is this some sort of Republican eugenics effort? Their children, and I'm sure they will be lovely kids, will probably get jobs at The Heritage Foundation when they are old enough to start coloring. John Gunn

UPDATE - Noonish here on the Left Coast ~ I did find one reference to Georgia Thompson's case on and thought I'd share since they dared to provide the full text of a letter from the House judiciary Committee to then AG Alberto Gonzales. This letter is a worthy read. I noted how the B'ham News uses language like "Now this panel, led by Democrats and armed with subpoena power, has taken up his (Don Siegelman's) cause." before providing the text of Chairman Conyer's letter. Since Democrats are asking for information then I suppose the politics is a given?

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