Friday, June 06, 2008

What has the smart Bu$h brother been up to?

What might Karl Rove have managed if he'd latched on to Jeb rather than W? So what exactly has the favored of the Bu$h boys been up to lately?

Way back in March of this year Carl Hiaasen (I've always liked his fiction!) told us Don't trust this gang with our state's future in regards to Florida's Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. The Miami Herald's Marc Caputo gives us plenty of details about how former Governor Jeb Bu$h has done an end around on his long effort to radically "reform" Florida's public schools. Joseph L. Conn of Americans United for Church and State provides Storm Clouds Over The Sunshine State: Jeb Bush And His Cronies Have Provoked A Church-State Showdown In Florida With National Ramifications to finish out the background for the story.

The Foundation for Florida's Future is the right place to start understanding the game being played out by Jeb, whose political ambitions might still have legs despite brother's dreadful record, yet to find their splash page referencing positive coverage from the Goldwater Institute says much. In the article The James Madison Institute was also referenced. The wingnut think tank machinery is once again shown to be alive and well.

I've written rather frequently about the voucher movement. There's here, here, here, here, here, here, ... "Conservatism" gets much wrong! Still, in education I think right wingers do more harm than in perhaps any other place.

And let's not forget the stellar work Neil Bu$h has done in education. What a tangled web we weave. John Gunn

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