Saturday, June 07, 2008

Two plus years later and it's still the same angle

I also expect the historical Jesus was a complex thinker yet I'll up front offend some by offering that I think the Bible should seldom if ever be taken too literally. The image isn't perfectly suited for my theme but I hope it works.

I stumbled across one of my older post from January of 2006 titled "Not all Conservatives are stupid but most stupid people are Conservative" that ties in with a conversation I had from back home earlier today. While those back home that are somewhat frustrating me and the one I certainly love the most of all aren't exactly in the Bible Thumper set, they do seem a bit narrow minded in some other areas. I think all, and certainly some, are very smart. And yet I doubt I could engage them on an intellectual level as I expect their plans for voting this fall are more from emotions and fears and prejudices and ...

I also had to bite my tongue several times just yesterday listening to a particularly young and angry Sergeant that I didn't know rant and rave about his frustrations while he was in Iraq as I sat in a Arabic class yesterday. He wouldn't stop talking long enough to listen the the Iraqi instructor try to intelligently speak to his legitimate frustrations. He said something that was obviously contemptuous of the Democratic Party yet I wasn't sure of his exact words. Again, trying to engage him I fear would have been a futile and frustrating effort.

Professor Lakoff's work is likely where I ought to turn for help and guidance yet for now I'll just fume. Blogging lets me vent. It did that back in early 2006 and it does even now. Maybe I've done what I can to stretch some minds and I've surely learned much from the effort. I do hope to continue to do my small part and look forward to the fall of 2012 or earlier when I can get back fully into the political fray. I'll be a better man for the experience. John Gunn

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