Monday, June 09, 2008

Bu$hCo's "warmed-up leftovers" on Jack Abramoff

McClatchy's Marisa Taylor reports Abramoff met Bush at least 6 times, House panel confirms and AP's Pete Yost reports Report criticizes White House Abramoff review. Mr. Yost's reporting includes, "The draft report says that as White House officials were telling the public they were thoroughly reviewing contacts with Abramoff, they failed to question five former officials who were key points of contact for the Abramoff lobbying team." I'm not sure if the evidence included that which Bu$hCo tried to keep secret under the "Sensitive Security Records" exception. Bu$hCo's Tony Fratto, who had served as the communications flak for "The Finest Man of the 13th Century", dismissed the media's interest in these "warmed-up leftovers". John Gunn

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