Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bologna ~ Various Bama Letters to the Editor

I venture into the LTE portions of various papers every so often. Here are several I've noted lately. James Rainey of Montgomery provides stenography for the Bu$hCo White House in The Advertiser in his Numbers in soak-the-rich proposals do not add up. He writes in part the following:

While taxing the rich and rolling back the 2003 tax cuts are attractive rhetorically, the numbers don't add up. The 1960s-style big government entitlement programs being proposed can't be funded by rolling back the tax cuts and taxing the wealthiest taxpayers.

Should the 2003 tax cuts not be made permanent, a family earning $50,000 will see their taxes increase $2,100. Those families with incomes above the $50,000 figure also will see their tax burden increase.

Actually James your numbers, not to mention your morality, don't add up. I'll offer up Cult Cuts: Looking at Tax Policy from a Hysterical Perspective from Dana Chasin (Yale Philosophy and Political Science Degree with a J.D. from Harvard Law School and then a MPA from Harvard's JFK School of Government) where he shares ...

The Democratic candidates have proposed extending the Bush tax cuts for everybody except for those making over $250,000 a year. Some might think this is where the Trojan soldiers are hiding. But not really. 98 percent of all taxpayers would be unaffected by this proposal.
Dueling numbers and facts yet hasn't Bu$hCo and much of the right wing used up most of their credibility? St. John McSame's numbers are of course pretty much the same stuff they've been feeding folks like James.

Poor S. Lee Ryals of B'ham manages to get ink in The Advertiser for his McCain friend of environment on the same day Huggy Bear draws fire for a flip flop of his opposition to off shore drilling. Seriously, he's no Dubyah yet he's hardly Teddy Roosevelt S. Lee.

Lawrence E. Grinter of Montgomery also gets into The Advertiser with Obama offers clues to plans where he offers up some drivel that I'll not dignify with even a copy and paste. "So naturally" indeed Lawrence. John K. Deitz of Montgomery likewise gets a pass with his Science, religion can co-exist.

Mike Turner of Beulah/Opelika however gets the nod for bologna. He gets ink in the O-A News for his Don’t listen to the media about Obama, listen to what God has to say LTE. Mike writes "I am not writing to endorse a candidate for any office because my position causes me the inability to make one specifically from that position ..." yet I presume he's the Mike Turner that has been give the reins at Shady Grove Baptist in Opelika. In response to certain less than hysterical examination of Senator Obama's positions, Mike thinks "There is a Greek word for most of it—“bologna.” Greek rather than Italian Mike? He writes in part the following:

This letter goes out, not to everyone that will place their eyes on it, but to everyone who claims the name of Jesus Christ and says they believe in the Word of God as truth. ...

I have seen some disturbing information the mainstream media does not want you to see, but don’t listen to that or what Oprah or any of the media tells you about him.

You listen to what God, through His word, tells you.

If you, as a Christian (not Democrat), can study the principles set forth in the Bible between now and November and then still vote for Obama, then we have to accept it. His words sound great, enthusiastic and charismatic, but many Christians have been led astray by such actions from the pulpits.

Look up Second Timothy 4:3-4. Don’t listen to less than the whole truth because anything other than the whole truth is a lie. We as Christians have a God-given responsibility, regardless of party affiliation, to put people into our God-ordained government that line up with His word in their background and records, Obama’s most liberal in 2007.

There is a great tidal wave of change that is driven by Obama’s campaign, but change isn’t always good. Indonesia changed forever after the tsunami, which was a tidal wave. For the record, I don’t particularly like John McCain, either.

This goober has a congregation? Our gov't is God-ordained? Plus, does "the Christian (not Democrat)" portion mean what I fear it might? What I most fear is that this rascal might be more in line with the majority of "thinking" back in rural Alabama. They've bought the stuff James Dobson is selling (note the link to Focus on the Family on Shady Grove's website) it would appear. Folks like Mike Turner are useful idiots to the right. And that's a damn shame. John Gunn

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