Monday, June 23, 2008

Bama GOP thinks we need more convicted leaders

Dan at Daily Dixie tells us that today's "Good Morning Democrats" from the Alabama GOP contained language stating, "We need convicted leaders in Congress, not Pelosi pawns whose ..." Although I've certainly been at the mercy of early mornings, I do see an opening here.

The Alabama Democratic Party ought to remind Alabama voters of Ohio Representative Bob Ney, California Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and Idaho Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig as merely an opening salvo.

I'll give them Louisiana's William Jefferson and his various relatives yet only if they let me have Tom "The Hammer" DeLay's charges. Indeed various Democrats here in Alabama like E.B. McClain aren't without fault as well. Still, they are hardly leaders like "Hot Tub" Tom has been, and perhaps remains with claims that Obama is a Marxist, to the GOP.

In the House, California's Jerry Lewis is under investigation as is Alaska's Don Young, Arizona's Rick Renzi, and Florida's Tom Feeney. In the Senate, Alaska's Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski face inquiries. New Mexico's Senator Pete Domenici isn't running for office again after revelations that he made improper phone calls to a U.S. Attorney. Then again, our own Richard Shelby once leaked classified information.

Who can forget Florida Representative Mark Foley. Thanks for 2006 Mark!

John Albaugh, Chief of Staff to former Oklahoma Representative Ernest Istook and now a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, just entered a guilty plea. That Istook "basically asked what we want in the Transportation Bill" might not bode well for his future. "Murky process of appropriations" would seem to be an area of his expertise.

Don't leave off Scooter Libby, Claude Allen, Alabama's own Lester Crawford, J. Steven Griles, David Safavian ... working in or closely with Bu$hCo's White House. Bernard Kerik would have been there yet that appointment was pulled. There's Black Jack Abramoff as well, with his Alabama efforts being relevant perhaps. Homeland Security's Brian Doyle can't be left off. Neither should Kyle "Dusty" Foggo be forgotten.

Don't omit phone jammer Allen Raymond and others involved in the 2002 New Hampshire scandal. Those many phone calls on Election Day from New Hampshire to the White House remain rather intriguing. That Bu$hCo's DOJ delayed an investigation until after the 2004 election is likewise fascinating.

Monica Goodling remains under investigation the last I knew for the partisan firings of various U.S. Attorneys.

The CIA's Jose Rodriguez was being looked at for destroying torture tapes that would damage the Bu$h White House.

There's former Illinois governor George Ryan as well. Bu$h Pioneer fundraiser Thomas Noe merits mention also.

When the dust settles I'd suggest the years of Bu$hCo will easily outpace the corruption of Grant's administration yet this goes well beyond the White House. The cronyism and outright corruption that we know of in the modern GOP is certain. Once the clock runs out on Bu$hCo the secrets will really start flowing. Is this really a conversation the GOP wants to have? With this opening, I'd surely make them. John Gunn

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