Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Richard Viguerie has my email address

I've posted on the "funding father" of Conservatism before yet to have an unsolicited email from him in today's junk mail was enough to merit another mention. In a special message to conservatives, which I'm hardly, Richard sent me $4.00 Gas is a Teaching Moment for Conservatives: America’s energy problems have been brought to us courtesy of the environmental movement and their political allies –liberal Democrats and timid or complacent Republicans. I missed the Democratic "proposals for socialization of the oil industry" Richard. Follow that link and you'll find Liberalism has caused our energy crisis: Free markets are the solution. To answer this rant would take far too long for me this evening, and I'm beat, so I'll merely close with a claim that this effort will rank high in the history of wing-nuttery. For me and other thinking people to dispareage him so harshly likely bothers him not. Like Liberace, he's long been crying all the way to the bank. John Gunn

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