Monday, June 02, 2008

Might McCain-Jindal be the GOP ticket this fall?

The NYT's Adam Nossiter shares In Louisiana, Inklings of a New (True) Champion of the Right. For more on the young Governor, Time's Jindal Triumphant in Louisiana is a short and sweet summary of his rapid rise in office as of the fall of 2007. That Time reminds me of the Auburn vs. LSU football game is painful given that last boneheaded play called by Les Miles that worked out to his benefit.

Connections or at least affinity between Governor Jindal and Louisiana Family Forum were noted by the Gray Lady piece. These Dobsonites apparently possess some serious backing and muscle. Jindal has been actively courting the religious right and his views on evolution should especially be noted.

He's surely smart, young, ... Ezra Klein provides more info, links, and a YouTube of Mr. Jindal on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. If Big Fat Idiot thinks he might be the next Ronald Reagan that says much. John Gunn

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