Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is Bu$hCo merely running out the clock?

The LA Times Richard Simon reports White House invokes executive privilege in EPA inquiry: The Bush administration refuses to turn over subpoenaed documents related to the agency's decision to prevent California from enacting stricter emissions standards than the federal government. Who'd have imagined?

I've posted on Bu$hCo being rebuked by the Supremes, less Uncle Clarence and ... I then posted on Dubyah's EPA rejecting States Rights when that conflicted with the interests of their corporate masters. I later blogged on how EPA Chief Stephen Johnson had seen his agency managed by the White House. Loyal Republican George Gray was sent to Congress to explain it all yet Henry Waxman appropriately called Bushit.

Bu$hCo has long been willing to stall, distract, dissemble, ... With but a few more months to go then they'll only try this more. Congress and our Courts must not allow these actions to stand. If and when the Democratic Party holds the White House I can only imagine how the GOP will rant and rave over Executive abuses. John Gunn

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