Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Army ~ Only a little more than four years to go

It has been a year since I enlisted and reported to Fort Benning for that long hot summer. My ETS date (when I get cut loose) remains October 17, 2012 yet it is nice to have a year down. Having Senator Webb's GI Bill there for me when I get out is also nice yet I'm certain it is not worth the price that others have paid. I can't help but note that Huggy and Dubyah are now trying to claim some credit. Little honor have they. I've learned much and yet know there is much more I need to work toward understanding. The 1-23rd Infantry crest is shown to the left. I'm often glad I wound up with this outfit yet I surely wish I were closer to the ones I love. We Serve! John Gunn

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