Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Bama's Artur Davis just "another political tool"?

The Birmingham Weekly's Courtney Haden serves up The weak in review: Artur Davis disses the Fourth Amendment where she rightly skewers Representative Davis for rolling over for Bu$hCo and Big Teleco on the FISA legislation. Then again, Jerry McNerney, a man I worked 7o to 80 hours a week for in the fall of 2006, voted wrong as well. However, Jerry was in another hard fight in a GOP-leaning District while Rep. Davis was coasting in his election. Maybe he's looking forward to Alabama's 2010 election of her Governor?

The Black Commentator has been examining the rise of Artur Davis for several years. He's a DLC "New Democrat" and you should always follow the money before assuming that set is operating under Progressive ideals. Seldom are they so bother not with assumption.

A proud centrist weenie, long before he rose to a leadership position, Rep. Davis is usually trying for Republican Lite. It would appear that Barack Obama is going down that route with his own failures on FISA. Here's what Senator Obama said early in the year and here's what he did this week. Adding in his pandering on the Supremes striking down Louisiana's law allowing the death penalty for the rape of a child and I'm disgusted with his candidacy right now.

Perhaps Representative Davis and Senator Obama will be able to recover? Today's lecturing of David Addington, Cheney's new Chief of Staff replacing Scotter Libby, and John Yoo, a former Justice Department official now toiling away in academia, rather than wasting time on questions toward these two radicals was a start for Artur Davis. I'll need much more however. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Evening of June 26, 2008 - Digby and Glenn Grenwald examine the myth of "Getting Things Done" under the the "Village fetish for bipartisanship".

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