Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Manning the barricades? With Saxby Chambliss?

There's Saxby Chambliss over to the left while he, Huggy Bear, and South Carolina's Huckleberry Graham (McCain's little jerk) do a walk about in Iraq so that Americans might get a "full picture" of what's going on over there. The gunships and other weaponry aren't pictured of course. Huckleberry managed, as did St. John of course, to actually serve in the military. However, Saxby was too busy leading the party charge at his fraternity plus trying to play varsity sports during Vietnam, all this occurring after he secured a medical release from the draft.

That this pretty boy and Bu$hCo managed to defeat honest to God war hero Max Cleland through Rovian tactics make it all the more shameful. He's clearly a tool of Big Ag and other corporations. His boy Bo is in fact the top lobbyist for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange! Given this statement I assume Saxby is also part of Senators Southern Company.

We learn today that the GOP is counting on Saxby Chambliss' race to hold the line on their losses this fall. The Democratic candidate isn't certain yet, and I'll not go off on a rant on the powers that be not having a top drawer candidate lined up long ago for this seat, yet the polling indicates they might actually have a shot. Who'd have thunk it? So Saxby is the GOP's firewall?

Good for the AJC's Don McAdam going after Saxby in The Iraq war: Did Bush lie? YES: Flawed information and falsehoods carried the day. In Georgia, Bu$h surely is at least somewhat of a liability. The right approach could and would call BS on the GOP.

Yet, I'm afraid it will remain more Republican Lite. Relax my ass! is what I want to tell Michael Lind of the often centrist weenie New America Foundation. He and plenty of those at NAF are smart and indeed partially right. Yet they don't appreciate "movement conservatism" plus how far to the right our national discourse has moved.

When goobers like Saxby Chambliss can get elected and then not face solid opposition from a unified effort on the left we've sunk rather low. This is not a time to relax. Rather, we should push, educate, distinguish, contrast, embarrass, ... John Gunn

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