Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bob Riley ~ Is it really "F**k those union jobs?"

Yesterday George Talbot of the Mobile Press-Register reported Interest cooling in VW plant?: Possible union talks could be turnoff for state and today the Huntsville Times has Bob Lowery and Gina Hannah reporting ADO director denies state is cooling on VW. The first piece had the following:

... state officials involved in the recruitment said they were unsettled by persistent rumors that Volkswagen may have struck an agreement with the United Auto Workers. ...

Any such deal would be ill-received in Alabama, a state that has built a booming automotive industry by offering manufacturers big tax breaks and plenty of hard-working, nonunion laborers. Alabama is a right-to-work state, meaning its workers are not compelled to join unions as a condition of their employment. Similar laws have stymied labor organizers in other Southern states

Surely this can't be true? Would Bob Riley and others in Alabama be so against unions that this is a concern? Employment numbers are down in fact. Has the real Bob Riley once again stood up? This one merits watching. John Gunn

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