Saturday, June 07, 2008

Josh Silver of Free Press discusses media's future

Josh Silver's opening remarks at the National Conference for Media Reform are certainly worthy of a full read. Free Press (which he, Robert McChesney, and John Nichols established back in 2002) is doing a fine job in pushing for long overdue change. Just one portion of his talk contained, "Government and corporate propaganda have laid waste to journalistic integrity." Amen! The warning label pictured here would indeed be appropriate. There's Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting as well to share ideas about what ails journalism today. The Stop Big Media Coalition is yet another resource. As critical an issue as faces our nation, media reform is certainly at the top of my lists of political interests. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Evening of June 7, 2008 - This February 2008 piece from Harvey Wasserman titled There’s Nothing Mainstream About the Corporate Media is a gem.

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