Sunday, June 01, 2008

He'd have been a hell of a baseball commissioner

That Dubyah wanted to become the MLB Commissioner was suggested by Fay Vincent. If only it had been granted. I'm thinking the mid-eighties was when Dubyah gave up the booze and that's fine. I personally think our world would be better if he'd have stayed on the sauce.

Covering a Bu$hCo graduation speech at Furman University in South Carolina, the WaPo's Dan Eggen reports "Commander Codpiece" reflected on "a time in my life when alcohol competed for my affections". Dubyah claims he got "back on track" and is now apparently somewhat of a "model citizen". Huh?

That he's rather frequently publicly discussing his past troubles with the booze is interesting as I'm sure he'd love a few belts given his many, many woes. It could be that reflecting on maybe that one time his will controlled reality gives him comfort.

It's down to 232 days left until January 20, 2009! John Gunn

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