Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Laura Ingraham may get her own Faux News slot

I'm no fan of many talk radio personalities, even some on the left, Rachel Maddow being one exception, yet Laura Ingraham is certainly a frustrating case. She has a rather serious education and is certainly easy on the eyes. I agree somewhat with her idea that our culture has us heading to hell in a handbasket (that's my line not hers!) yet her advancing movement conservatism suggests she's being had. The news dropped today that Faux News is going to give her a chance to go beyond merely filling in. Some background on her appears via Campus Progress and AlterNet yet her efforts at getting her dittoheads "to jam a phone line set up by Democrats to investigate alleged voter irregularities" ought to be enough to understand why Faux News wants her. John Gunn

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