Monday, June 09, 2008

Across the river for Lynn Westmoreland's "thinking"

An instant classic and yet he keeps on talking. I first posted on Georgia's Lynn Westmoreland on Captain Bama a couple of years ago. I taught in Troup and Heard County right there in Georgia's 8th Congressional District. While plenty of those jokers deserve this joker, I truly feel for Georgia and our nation.

Westmoreland appeared before the White Oak Golden K Civic Club recently where he managed to praise both Norway's and Hitler's approach to energy. That Norway follows a rather democratized form of socialism and highly managed economy might escape poor Lynn. He certainly demonstrated his ignorance of Iraq over a year ago. He leaves much out of Norway's situation in fact. The obligatory insult to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party was of course delivered. Drill, drill, drill ... seemed to the the theme. I love this portion:
He also was critical of suggestions to not put oil into the nation's oil reserves this year. He said the reserve supply is what keeps America from being at the mercy of OPEC oil producers. "They know we'll use that oil (in the strategic oil reserve) to go over there and kick their tails," Westmoreland said.
It gets worse! Apparently at the same meeting, Westmoreland was able to get in a hit on intellectualism, noting he'd only had two years of college. He was quoted as sharing, "You can have more education than you can use." He apparently didn't learn much history during his two years as he offered the following:
He said that when America was being formed, leaders such as John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were "actually recruited by their neighbors" to serve in Congress. Although many of those early patriots would have preferred to stay at home, they served.
I've read several works about both of these men and I'd hardly describe either as lacking in ambition. They were also brilliant men but that also likely escapes poor Lynn. He was familiar with The Vegematic however. Another gem follows:
Westmoreland said he believes Americans would fight a foreign power that sought to destroy the country. "Our enemies right now are really within," he said. "If something does happen to this country, it will come from within, not the outside."
Ya' think so Lynn? Which enemies are within Lynn? Another Red Scare? Godless liberal hippies? Can Fort Benning really be in his district? I know that district loves Baby Jesus so the the White Oak Golden K Civic Club also got ...
Westmoreland said that too often "how God has blessed America" has been forgotten. He said God has been "very merciful" toward the United States and that God needs to be "put back in" public life, not removed from it.
Do you reckon Lynn could recite even half of the Ten Commandments now? John Gunn

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