Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Senators Shelby and Sessions earn their keep

Three puppets. And if Richard Shelby were pictured we'd have four. Senators Southern Company are back in the news. Mary Orndorff of the B'ham News reports Alabama senators Sessions, Shelby critical of cap-and-trade global warming bill. While I'm not sure we have to rely on the markets, alleged by the right wingers to make even schooling go better, to address environmental concerns the move toward a cap and trade system to combat carbon emissions seems like a step in the right direction.

Yet Southern Company doesn't feel the same way and thus they call in their favors. Ms. Orndorff reports,
"Political action committees affiliated with Southern Co. and several of its employees are regular contributors to the re-election accounts of both Alabama senators. Collectively they add up to become Sessions' largest contributor over the past six years, at about $76,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. They add up to $62,000 for Shelby, his fourth-highest contributor."
I loathe Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and I've blogged on him often. Senator Water Carrier still might be as good a name for him as any given his toeing the Bu$hCo line on pretty much everything but as relates to brown people from South of the Border. Richard Shelby has earned my attention as well yet he's hardly as dreadful as Jeffy B. These two corporatists don't represent Alabama citizens but rather the Big Mules. It's time to send them home. The Bible thumpers, gun nuts, ... keep getting fooled yet is there any doubt on the GOP being geared for taking care of the fat cats when you get votes like this? John Gunn

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