Saturday, March 31, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ Georgia's Saxby Chambliss

"He jests at scars that never felt the wound." was some Shakespeare that Max Cleland quoted after Saxby went all dirty on him back in 2002. Going back some five years might seem odd to identify an Outlander yet he's due. There's some bedrock Karl Rove tactics here that are surely in the news lately plus Saxby's seat is up in 2008. I still have the utmost respect for Max Cleland, as my father* did before me, so here goes ...

Talk is Saxby's 2008 election bid may be a third tier Senate race in 2008 yet given the bleak numbers for the GOP and the right candidate anything could happen. And if there's any karma in play (do they let karma into the Deep South?) he's due for a race. Embracing the Bu$hCo "Fear and Smear" strategy helped him close a twenty point gap in 2002. He's seemingly a loyal "Bushie" as I've yet to locate anything he's said or written that is critical of the White House. A little dustup over Big Ag's subsidies yet Saxby took care of those what brung him to the dance. Bu$h was perhaps even happy to save money for his war of choice in Iraq by cutting food stamps plus conservation and other hippie stuff. Even in Georgia these times they are a changing. How much a changing is of course the issue.

Returning to how Saxby handled his campaign's attacks on a true patriot and defender of the Constitution, and I'm not just considering his time in Vietnam as his work in the VA and in office counts for much, Chambliss seem to be a typical "chickenhawk". Senator Chambliss is representative of the many, many Bu$hCo backers and operatives which had other priorities than serving in the military.

A "bad knee" from playing football in high school allegedly kept Mr. Chambliss out of Vietnam yet Max Cleland came back with no legs and but one arm from a non-combat accident. Operation Yellow Elephant reveals but the most recent example of Republicans frequently talking the talk of war yet not walking the walk yet I digress. I understand Saxby broke his arm after transferring to UGA in 1963-64 and making the baseball team. I guess that football injury was better. Plus, to "lead the charge at every party" required something I'd guess. Getting that business degree in 66 from UGA and a JD in 1968 out of Knoxville kept him out of Southwest Asia. Getting married in 1966 might have helped him avoid the draft as well. The knee is better I suppose as he's allegedly still a recreational runner.

If there's time and money, and I truly expect there will be, I'll be crossing the river to help any legitimate candidate that runs against Saxby Chambliss. I'll try to help retire Jeff Sessions here in the Promised Land. Run Ron Run! I'll want to help re-elect Jerry McNerney in CA-11 as I worked too hard in 2006 to not stay in that mix. Additionally, I have strong feelings for Jerry, his family, staff, and especially those amazing volunteers. I may also try to help Charlie Brown defeat that dreadful John Doolittle in California's 4th.

I will support the Democratic nominee for President absent some remarkable turn. I'm supporting John Edwards right now and truly think he has a shot. I'd look toward Al Gore as well should he enter the race. Yet and still, any candidate, even though the GOP frontrunners are hardly gems, will be an improvement on this current "President". Twenty something months left?

Accordingly, picking where you'll work and donate might be a big decision. If Saxby's seat gets hot I'd imagine a Deep South effort could prove so very helpful toward returning some balance toward the mess that we have now. Change could occur to develop a Progressive Farm Policy, environmental reforms, tax manipulation that is not just for the Big Mules, a wise course against the legitimate threats of extremists, rebuilding alliances ruined, assuring first-class Veterans care, Universal Health Care, crafting an educational policy rather than one built on BS, bolstering fair trade ... That bouncing Saxby and Jeffy is being discussed, plus simply the numbers in the Senate alone, has me optimistic. Maybe the House will be where the battle is fought yet if the trend continues, the GOP will never retake it in 2008. If the DLC Centrists and Cautious Consultants don't win the war inside the Democratic Party, Progressives have as good a chance as we've had in many, many years. The Big Mules have the Courts stacked for several years forward yet having the Executive and Legislative might finally give Progressives a decent shot at changing our nation.

Senator Chambliss, like Jeff Sessions, has been a reliable apologist for this failed administration plus is clearly more concerned about his Big Mule backers than the little man. However, what he did to Max Cleland has made it personal. Even if he claims to be a recovering frat boy, I never cared for the type and given this puff piece I'm not so sure he ever left life with the swells. So I guess this Scot is ready to get all Highlander on Saxby come this next election cycle. Back to lobbying for agribusiness he goes. Peace ... or War!

*My old Daddy was hardly a heavy reader yet he loved an early Cleland book and encouraged me to tackle. I recall enjoying talking with him about the book and wish there'd been more of that. Maybe with my boy?

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