Saturday, March 24, 2007

Outlander of the Day ~ Stephen Griles

Stephen Griles seemingly likes his blondes. To the left he's hanging out out with Dolly Parton. At one point in the past he was sparking around with Italia Federici of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy. Astroturfing I'm expecting applies to CREA. Italia was labeled as a "scandal blonde" of the year yet compared to Dolly she's barely a blonde.

Stephen Griles entered a plea yesterday for lying to Congress. He's the highest ranking Bu$hCo official convicted ... YET. Why would we imagine they'd lie? In that Stephen Griles was essentially an inside man from Big Energy, why Black Jack had to pay was simply that Stephen wasn't on the payroll of those clients the lobbyist was trying to help.

Here's hoping that DOJ isn't packing things in on Black Jack. I've been reading that his sentence might be reduced but I hope it is because he's served up the goods rather than agreed to keep his mouth shut. Surely politics couldn't influence the Bu$hCo controlled DOJ could it?

Finally, Carl Pope of The Sierra Club gives us something else to ponder about Bu$hCo's Interior gutting their inspectors segment. Worst administration ever! Peace ... or War!

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