Monday, September 29, 2008

Starting the day frustrated with old folks yet ...

I'll admit a near total meltdown over Professor Stanley Fish writing George Bush: The Comeback Kid in his Think Again column in the Gray Lady. He predicts that "within a year of the day he leaves office, and no matter who succeeds him, George W. Bush will be a popular public figure, regarded with affection and a little nostalgia even by those who voted against him and thought he was the worst president in our history." Those writing a response to his prophecy seem to universally think Dr. Fish does need to think again.

Krissah Williams Thompson of the WaPo files Brothers in arms hit road for McCain: GOP candidate enjoys backing of veterans and their families and I'm a touch bothered by her reporting. I'm mostly frustrated with the one demographic that does seem to reliably lean McCain's way. Ms. Thompson's writing that Mc$ame has "the fervent backing of a fraternity of veterans and their families" early on is finally contrasted with the fact that Senator Obama has outraised Huggy in overseas donations from the troops plus the fact taht only Obama actually supported the new and improved GI Bill. I'm pleased that the Obama/Biden effort is more than capable of pushing back on this piece.

I've mentioned that St. John doesn't always walk the talk when it comes down to supporting the military yet one supporter, a Col. Moe who was a fellow POW with McCain, offered the following:
When a question about McCain's votes on such bills came up at the breakfast, Col. Moe said, "Now, ask yourself, does it make sense that John McCain, who has served and sacrificed so much for this country, would not support veterans? Is it logical to you for a man who has served his country as a war hero? Most of these bills had a lot of pork in them."
The legislation is expensive, yet a fraction of bailing out Wall Street, but I'm hardly aware of it having much "pork". Conservatism will of course mandate, via Bu$hCo's executive action rather than by the actual legislation, some profits for business yet I doubt that troubles Col. Moe? Also, I'd think the increased revenues gained from educating veterans more completely would offset or perhaps even eclipse the costs.

Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel certainly also qualify as a "war hero" don't they and they were out front on this issue. John McCain is now claiming credit for improving the legislation and perhaps that's legitimate. Col. Moe and his friend can't have it both ways however. Huggy is also crossways with the VFW over his “Veterans’ Care Access Card" that is a backdoor way to start breaking down a relatively solid gov't run health care effort.

I bragged on Ms. Thompson just yesterday for compassionately covering disaffected poor people in Mississippi yet this reporting troubled me. Perhaps she was simply examining the generational divide? Maybe it was about the fact that a few votes in a few places may decide this election? I do like how she digs out quotes from regular people and generally tries to provide some factual context to their opinions and claims.

Finally, there's also a some writing about and a quote from Karen McTague, 54, treasurer of the Ottawa County (PA) Republicans, which troubles me.

It is what she doesn't know about Obama that worries her. The Democratic nominee has spoken frequently about his Christian faith, his commitment to national security and his love of country, but McTague said she still harbors fears about his background because Obama's father, whom the candidate hardly knew, was raised as a Muslim.

"If it looks like he appeals to Muslims, those countries may think they have opportunity," she said.

You mean the opportunity to have leaders from the House of Saud come here and hold hands with the President? The opportunity to buy up many our assets due to the GOP once again running the country into the ground? I suppose they've had to fall fall back on the "if he looks like he appeals" angle as all the false flag efforts have pretty much faded to all but the most loopy.

I've mentioned Dr. Malcom Cutchins' columns here and here yet all of his work may be found here. Perhaps he, Dr. Fish, and Col. Moe should meet? John Gunn

UPDATE ~ I've got another more seasoned soul for the Cutchins crew and she's right there in Auburn. Sis Burleson might enjoying traveling but I fear she's ventured way off into crazy base land with the following:

Why won’t Obama give back to charity from all of his riches?

Barack Obama, the American Red Cross needs your help!

The American Red Cross had made an urgent plea for funds to assist people who have experienced natural disasters this year (fires, storms, floods and hurricanes).

Maybe you and your Hollywood friends who collected all that money from your fundraiser on the West Coast want to give to the people of the Texas coast that have no water, electricity or a home. It surely would give them hope!

All your friends that hate America have no problem making all those millions in this country.

Why not give back — it’s the patriotic thing to do.

By the way, have you added up how much money you’ve spent on fuel these past two years flying everywhere, any time and several times? Bet you could clothe and house, pay off mortgages, pay health care premiums, gasoline this year for most of the U.S. population. Think how many less carbon footprints you could have saved.

Will you tell the Red Cross you are going to divert these funds to this volunteer organization?

Sis Burleson, Auburn

UPDATE - 03 November 2009 - I made a slight change to the above as suggesting Dr. Cutchins thinks the way he does even partly due to his being somewhat more "seasoned" than some isn't very nice.

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